Boris Novachkov at the Dan Kolov & Nikola Petrov Wrestling Tournament

tournaments Apr 11, 2017


Here's the videos for 4 of my 5 matches from the Dan Kolov & Nikola Petrov wrestling tournament this weekend. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with my training, wrestling, and travel.

Qualification Round

Unfortunately, we were't able to get video of my first match.

Boris Novachkov v. Meirzhan Ashirov

Win 3 - 1

1/8 Round

Boris Novachkov v. Seungchul Lee

Win 7 - 3

1/4 Round

Boris Novachkov v. Daulet Niyazbekov

Win 8 - 3

1/2 Round

Boris Novachkov v. Batyr Borjakov

Win 4 - 1


Boris Novachkov v. Bajrang

Win 10 - 0


65kg bracket for the 2017 Dan Kolov & Nikola Petrov Tournament | Bulgarian Muscle


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